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Welcome to baseclosures.com, the web site which assists companies, states, communities and citizens with the challenge of closing, closed, or potentially closing military installations - federal government plant closures - and their reuse.

With serious preparation and savvy, experience-driven approaches to the military community, Base Closures can be extraordinary community and economic opportunities, a view standing in marked contrast to the customary fears and fierce opposition by community, state, commercial and military stakeholders. Specifically, far-sighted companies, investors and communities can acquire and reuse these typically large real estate parcels for the betterment of these communities and their four "E"s: economy, enterprises, employment and environment, taking advantage of:

  •  significant price discounts;
  •  a favorable government permitting process for reuse;
  •  environmental liability protection;
  •  government funds and incentives for redevelopment.

This financially-advantageous opening exists because the U.S. Government's costs to carry its oversupply of closed commercial and industrial real estate, as well as to put it into condition for non-government reuse, are exponentially higher than those of private companies. This is due to a plethora of federal and state laws passed since 1970 that make the acquisition and reuse of formerly military real estate much more complex than with any previous base closures, dating to the first base closure law in 1819.

While there are clear financial benefits to acquisition both now and in the 2005 round of base closures, nevertheless purchasers will find themselves in a thicket of competing interests, jurisdictions and regulations that require moving with considerable care to maximize redevelopment opportunities and not become the environmental liability-holder of last resort for U.S. Government pollution. This reality is borne out through my work on other military sites, where I have been successful in converting closed military bases into economic redevelopment opportunities while shielding parties from the Federal Government's own environmental and land use responsibilities.

If you desire to learn more about the advantages to military real estate, or have specific real estate needs to meet, simply e-mail me at harrykelso@baseclosures.com. We can discuss your plans and how you can meet your land acquisition goals at significantly reduced expense.

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